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Memories FOREVER

All the world's a stage, and all the people, merely players therein ... Shakespeare.

Curtains fall, curtains rise, scenes change, players change.

The School is also a stage which we never realise when we are in school. The realisation comes only after a few years after leaving school. Then when later on after settling down in life, the school memories begin to haunt. In those times these memories seem so sweet. An urge comes when we are at this stage, to know where our classmates are now and we keep wondering and sometimes have a kind of pain of loss in our heart, the loss of missing our classmates. This website is particularly for this stage. 

For the stage when you are currently still studying, its right time to register the names of your classmates now, because later on in life, you will not be able to remember all and the pain will keep haunting you. 

Come, let us put our memories together here. Memories of our school, our classmates, our schoolmates, our teachers, our sports teams, our school picnics, our tours and travels. And even of our relatives and other friends. Memories can be just in photos or in words. Memories are forever.

Like we said above, one of the roles played, which is unarguably one of the most cherished, by most of us, is the one in the School. We heard it sometimes while we were in school, that college life is golden life. But most of you, who have left this stage, will now feel that it is true for school life too. Apart from your memories associated with your near and dear ones, the next close to the heart memories are school memories. Most of us wouldn’t like to share our memories with our near and dear ones with the world. But as far as school memories are concerned, it is different. You’ve got to share, and find your Lost Schoolmates, classmates and friends. And let them find you. 

This website is beginning with a page on Nirmala High School, Kumta, Karnataka, India. It was better known as Nirmala Convent School in those days (1970s). This website is a free platform not only for the Alumni of Nirmala High School, Kumta but also for ALL SCHOOLS. Interaction between members is completely free, you will never be asked to pay any money anytime.  We had to make it easy for you to find your Lost Schoolmates. Register your memories now on the FORUMS page, and with your photos. There is no limitation for the number of entries you make. 

Click on the different tabs on the Navigation Bar, which you can find at the right side of every page, to browse this website. Pages are being continuously upgraded to add more and more features to this website regularly, so keep coming back. Better still, set this page as your HOMEPAGE.

The theme behind the student lists on the school pages is to refresh your memory in case you have forgotten who your classmates and schoolmates were.

Join this website as a member. You have to do it only once. Then you will be able to interact with other members, upload your own photos, photos of your school, your classmates or friends, or even family members to the PHOTO GALLERY. You can also remove/delete the photos you have uploaded any time.

There is no need to worry if you happen to forget your password. It can be easily recovered from your Email ID through this website by clicking on the FORGOT PASSWORD link which appears after you click on SIGN IN or REGISTER.

Come, let us relive our memories.

Especially our school memories. 

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